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If you’re writing something that needs to stand up to scrutiny with no room for error. Or something that needs to be flawless and persuasive. Or compelling and concise. Then you need an English ASAP Edit.

English ASAP Edit:

  • overall legibility (terminology, style, structure)
  • punctuation, grammar & spelling
  • rephrasing of awkward & confusing text
  • elimination of redundant words
  • replacement of repetitive vocabulary & weak sentences

Let your writing be the best it can be.

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Take your communication to a global audience with engaging and relevant English that hits home.

English ASAP Translation:
English ASAP translations don’t sound like translations. They are well-written, nuanced English texts, faithfully representing the content in the original copy.

English ASAP Transcreation:
For creative content that requires that extra snap. English ASAP recreates your content in a way that elicits/gains the same reaction/response with English speakers.

English ASAP Localisation:
Get cultural and brand cohesion. English ASAP will assist you in giving all your materials the look, feel and sound of local English content.

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English is the official language of 54 countries


English is the most commonly used language in the business, science and art worlds


English is the main language in popular books, tv programmes and films


English is the language that connects speakers of all languages

About English ASAP

Established by a British born perfectionist, English ASAP combines a passion for creativity with a thorough knowledge of the English language to enable companies and individuals to present high-quality written communication.


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